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Pro Console Fortnite Player vs. PC Fortnite! (Battle Royale Xbox/PS4 vs. PC)

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This video today is an interesting little Fortnite Battle Royale experiment that I have been planning for a while now. In this video, I will be be comparing my stats on console fortnite to my stats from a 30 game sample size of playing PC fortnite. It is a very common claim in the Fortnite community that players on Xbox/PS4 are much worse than players that play PC. I believe that this is the best possible way to truly compare the competitiveness and skill level of both platforms and determine if those claims are true or false.


My Social Media:

My Fortnite Resume:

- Currently hold the world record for kills in a duo games across all platforms (32) and kills in a solo game on xbox (25)
- 28+ total tournament golds from GB and CMG (From February 13th to March 14th)
- $2900 total earnings with $2650 profit (again from February 13th to March 14. Tournament payouts were decreased after March 14th so I stopped playing)

Season 4 Stats:
19.90 Solos K/D (73.40 Win Percentage)
11.31 Duos K/D (7.38 Kills Per Match)
10.22 Squads K/D (7.42 Kills Per Match)

Career High Kill Games:
Solos- 25
Duos- 32
Squads- 29

No other console player on the planet has my resume of tournament success (24 tournament wins in a month at a 40-50% win rate is unheard of ), high kill games, and overall statistics.

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