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How to Lower Your Ping in Fortnite

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Ping is the latency between you and the Fortnite server.

You want your ping as low as possible because the lower your ping is the less time it will take for your game to respond to the server.

Having low ping is a competitive advantage and it's actually unfair how good 0 ping is.

But how do you get better ping?

This video will show you useful tips you can use to reduce your ping.

1. Use a wired connection

This is the most obvious tip, but it's the most important.

A wired connection is more stable and more reliable than a wireless connection.

Your ping will almost always be better on a wired connection.

If you can't use a wired connection then you can get a powerline adapter, which are devices that send data signals via your home's electrical wiring.

2. Optimize your network adapter settings

You can tweak your network adapter settings to get better ping when you play Fortnite. But you'll need to be connected to the internet via an Ethernet cable for it to work.

To optimize your network adapter settings you need to navigate to the Network and Sharing Center, which you can get to via Control Panel.

Here are the settings you should use to optimize your network adapter for Fortnite:

ARP Offload – Disabled
ECMA – Disabled
Energy Efficient Ethernet – Disabled
Flow Control – Disabled
Interrupt Moderation – Disabled
IPv4 Checksum Offload – Disabled
Jumbo Frame – Disabled
Maximum Number of RSS Queues – Depends on the number of cores your CPU has. You can check this by going to Task Manager and selecting the Performance tab. Select 4 RSS Queues if your CPU has 4 or more cores. Select 2 RSS Queues if your CPU has 2 cores
Network Address – Not Present
NS Offload – Disabled
Receive Buffers – 1024
Receive Side Scaling – Enabled
Shutdown Wake Up – Disabled
Speed & Duplex – Select the highest Mbps available and Full Duplex. For most this will be 100 Mbps Full Duplex
SWOI – Disabled
TCP Checksum Offload – Disabled
Transmit Buffers – 1024
Wake on magic packet – Disabled
Wake on pattern match – Disabled

3. Change your DNS Server

Your DNS (Domain Name System) is an important part of your internet connection and upgrading to a better DNS server can make your connection faster, more secure, and even reduce your ping.

We're going to use Cloudflare's DNS servers because they are the fastest publicly available DNS servers.

To change your DNS server you will need to go to the Network and Sharing Center.

Use the following DNS server addresses:

Preferred DNS server:
Alternative DNS server:

4. Download Malwarebytes Adwcleaner

Malwarebytes Adwcleaner is a free program that gets rid of adware on your computer and restores performance.

Even if you browse the internet safely you could still have some PUPs on your computer.

PUPs are potentially unwanted programs that can suck up some of the resources from your computer and negatively impact your ping.

Here's the link to download Malwarebytes Adwcleaner:

5. Connect to the best matchmaking region in Fortnite

The reason for your high ping could be because you're connecting to a suboptimal region.

For example, if you live in New York and you're connecting to the Oceania servers, then you're going to be experiencing bad ping.

You can easily change your matchmaking region in Fortnite by going into the in-game settings and choosing the matchmaking region with the lowest ping for you.

6. Close background programs and websites

Anything running in the background as you play Fortnite can use the memory of your computer and negatively impact your ping.

Downloading or using streaming sites can be particularly bandwidth-heavy and make your connection worse.

7. Contact your Internet Service Provider (ISP)

If you've tried everything and you're not happy with your ping, then give your ISP a call because they could have the answer.

Also, if your speeds are lower than the advertised minimums, then your ISP is obliged to help you.

8. Relocate somewhere closer to the Fortnite servers

The reason for your high ping could be because of your distance to the Fortnite servers.

It takes time for the data to travel and that's why your ping is much higher in regions that are further away from you.

So if you move closer to a Fortnite server, you would reduce your ping.

I know it's extreme, but it's actually what a few Fortnite pros have done to increase their chances of qualifying for the Fortnite World Cup.

I hope you find this video useful and it helps you to lower your ping. If it did, then please leave a like on the video and subscribe to my channel.

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