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Easy Methods to Level Up Fast in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 6 - How to Unlock All Rewards!

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Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 6 Level Up Guide. Easy Methods to Level Up Fast and Unlock All Rewards of the Battle Pass. In order to get all additional styles for the Battle Pass Characters, you will need to reach level 225. Support a creator code: PerfectScore (#ad).


0:00 - Introduction
0:33 - Epic & Legendary Quests
1:39 - Secret / Rare Quests (Milestones)
3:05 - Daily Quests
4:01 - Supercharged XP
5:36 - The Spire Quests
6:11 - Miscellaneous
7:14 - Creative


Fortnite Complete 'The Spire Quests' Guide - How to Unlock Raz Glyph Master Style -

Complete Uncommon or Rarer Quests (5)
Find Tarana (1)
Collect Artifacts for Tarana (3)
Find the Thief (1)
Play the Last Log and Return to Raz (1)
Return to Raz (1)
Collect a Cult Talisman from Raz so he can Finish the Disguise (1)
Retrieve the Cult Artifact from The Spire for Raz (1)
Harvest a Wolf Fang, a Boar Tusk, and Three Chicken Feathers for Raz (5)
Return to Raz (1)
Don a Disguise and Strike Three Resonant Crystals at The Spire (3)
Play the Spire's Message at a Guardian Outpost (1)
Talk to the Joneses (5)
Find Jonesy the First (1)
Duel Jonesy the First (1)
Return to Jonesy the First (1)
Gather Information on Raz from Tarana, Lara Croft, Rebirth Raven, Cluck, or Cobb (3)
Complete Uncommon or Rarer Quests (5)
Defeat Glyph Master Raz and Collect the Spire Artifact (1)

How to Complete All 71 Secret Rare Quests in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 6 (4,437,500 XP) -

Collect Animal Bones
Collect Meat
Collect Bars
Collect Green XP Coins
Collect Blue XP Coins
Collect Purple XP Coins
Collect Gold XP Coins
Complete Bounties
Complete Quests
Complete Uncommon Quests
Complete Common Quests
Complete Rare Quests
Complete Epic Quests
Complete Legendary Quests
Craft Weapons
Consumable Quests
Consume Apples
Consume Bananas
Consume Mushrooms
Consume Foraged Items
Deal Damage from Above
Damage Opponents
Damage to Vehicles with a Player Inside
Assist Teammates with Eliminations
Eliminations from 150 Meters or More
Eliminations with Common or Uncommon Weapons
Eliminations While Driving or Riding in a Boat
Players Eliminated
Head Shot Eliminations
Elimination Quests
Eliminations with Explosives
Eliminations with Assault Rifles
Eliminations with Pistols
Eliminations with Shotguns
Eliminations with SMGs
Bow Eliminations
Harpoon Eliminations
Sticky Kills
Melee Eliminations
Search Object Quests
Ammo Boxes Searched
Chests Searched
Search Ice Machines
Supply Drops Searched
Upgrade Weapons
Use Bandages and Medkits
Use Shield Potions
Use Campfires
Distance Traveled Quests
Distance Traveled on Foot
Distance Traveled Gliding
Distance Traveled Swimming
Distance Traveled in a Vehicle
Catch Fish
Fish at Fishing Holes
Lure Creatures
Tame Wildlife
Hunt Animals
Ignite Opponents with Fire
Ignite Structures with Fire
Melee Damage to Player Structures
Player Structures Destroyed in a Vehicle
Harvest Stone
Hit Weakpoints
Sofas, Beds or Chairs Destroyed with a Pickaxe
Destroy Object Quests
Destroy Shrubs
Destroy Stones
Destroy Trees
Reboot Teammates
Revive Teammates
Refuel Vehicles
Don Creature Disguises
Place Top 10
Shakedown Opponents
Spend Gold Bars
Thank the Bus Driver


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