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How To Get Birthday Tickets (Road Trip Tickets) in Fortnite Save The World

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The Birthday Llamas are amazing, and at 1000 Road Trip tickets each, I've already been getting several questions about how to earn them. The tickets for the Birthday llamas are the "normal" road trip tickets that can be earned via Challenge the horde missions, challenge the horde challenge missions, storm mission rewards and now also with the repeat mission for finding 5 cakes in games. In this video I am sharing my best tips on how to get birthday tickets in Fortnite save the world. Please share your tips and tricks for road trip tickets so that we can all open even more birthday llamas. I know many are trying really hard to get all the halloween survivors for the pumpkin launcher (jack-o-launcher) and I am personally hoping to see more noble launchers and at least 1 hydra so that I can make a hydra with fire, water and nature element!

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